My December 2017 did not have the typical holiday vibe because I spent my time wrapping up season one of the life and entity named Annick Tyler. While packing, I realized that everything that I experienced in the last 12 years, with my five senses, had prepared me to move into my first home on January 1, 2018. As a matter of fact, I remember, 10 years ago, hearing thirty-four year old, Dr. Ramson Mumba, say “Life is not about what you accomplish, but who you become in the process” and now, as an insightful, 34 year old, my home is a true testament of the person that I have become.  


As a young girl, I was attracted to peculiar and luxurious décor and excited, specifically, by the hotels that I visited with my family. Regardless of our habitation, my mother created a warm and soothing atmosphere by infusing candles, incense, and exotic accessories into our space. Nowadays, my sense of style has matured; meanwhile, residing in a warm and laid back atmosphere remains essential for my everyday life. Candles and incense are indeed my staples, but these new selections will create the soothing and opulent ambiance that I crave.

Palm Trees

During my recent travels to the beach I admired the beauty of the palm trees as they swayed back and forth at the pace of the wind with such elegance and ease. Since I have yet to live on a Caribbean island, I plan to use two indoor palm trees, as living accessories, to transform my space into a private, exotic getaway.  

Wall Décor

Ever since I have relocated two things have occurred: The Family Dollar store has become my best kept secret and I’ve gotten reacquainted with old decorations.

While shopping for discounted cleaning supplies, I was drawn to this woman’s beautiful, deep melanin, calm demeanor, and jewels. Her presence exuded black royalty and resonated with my spirit.

Furthermore, my Ghanian artwork is an ode to my days as a student at NC A & T State University, where I used my refund check to purchase this man and woman at an African store on E Lee Street in Greensboro, NC; their perfect blend of red and mahogany wood displays my love for craftsmanship and carpentry, even in my twenties. 


Every space, large or small, can easily be filled with a sleek floor vase, but my selection was required to accentuate my flooring and furniture. This gold, metal vase had just the right character and ole skool grooves that brought a fun and rich element to the bones of the table, adjacent to the hallway, which I inherited from my mother.

Some day’s I just sit and reflect on how the Lord has blessed me and it humors me to know that I am able to transform any environment , using the tools from my childhood, but like any skilled merchant, I aim to find the special items that I know will keeping me coming home to love and peace.  At times, they’ll be expensive and at other times the cost will be low. Either way, my commitment is to always buy pieces that will honor the woman that I have become...warm, authentic, and opulent.