Annick Tyler, Editor-in-Chief of the 1204 Lounge, was born with an innate desire and appreciation for luxury.  She enrolled at NC A&T State University with the intention of studying Fashion Merchandising; nonetheless, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. While pursuing a productive career as an accountant, she earned a Certificate of Interior Decorating from Midlands Technical College and a Graduate Certificate in Design Business from Parsons the New School For Design.

Equipped with a solid acumen for creative business services, she has revisited her dream to make history through fashion and interior design, and hospitality. The 1204 Lounge was created in honor of Annick Andre'a, who was born on July 13th at 12:04 AM.


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY  We esteem bespoke craftsmanship, which is compromised when quantity is the focal point. Quality may delay in time, but it will always appreciate with time.

CULTURE  Black civilization has contributed much to the development of our past and present world; so, we endeavor to honor and headline Black designers in the lounge.

AUTHENTICITY  The truth is, you only reign in this life when you insist on being who you were designed to be; anything else is cheap.

WISDOM It won’t make you popular, but it will establish you and preserve your life.