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Everything is literally, everything…. So, we pursue balance in an effort to cope with the discomfort of our daily lives. Ironically, the purpose of a chair is to offer us balance, comfort, and ideally, style. Temporary seating in waiting rooms, restaurants, and airplanes is provided by commercial businesses with the sole objective to provide just enough satisfaction to earn ample profits. Meetings have been held to source, compare costs, and determine the depreciation of chairs and sofas that have been approved by upper management. Fortunately, the seating that we select for our personal environment and businesses can cater to our personal brand, with an emphasis on comfort, style, and quality.

Big box retailers have a propensity to rush construction to meet supply and distribution deadlines. Even so, craftsmanship should always be prioritized over easy access and low prices.

As residents and small business owners, we typically don’t plan to purchase new furniture every year, so, quality construction should always be considered first when selecting sofas and chairs; moreover, seating should be selected and scrutinized with the mindset and values of its future users in mind. For instance, frequent guests of your business or home, will be careless about what they do not own. To ensure that your collection doesn’t succumb to their mentality, attempt to pick up one end of your chair or sofa with one hand. If you are indeed successful, the item will not have the stamina to serve its purpose.   

Our style is deeply influenced by the environment of our childhood home, while individuation opens up our hearts to a more personalized space.


If you were raised in a home with conservative sofas with muted hues, you may associate colors and patterns with worldliness or being too showy. Whereas, growing up in a modern or trendy environment, may cause you to consider hand me downs and antique pieces to be dated and too neutral for your taste. Honestly, we all find solace in familiarity, but when we spend time alone and get to know ourselves, we realize that we are not one note individuals, but our being is shaped by millions of molecules and experiences from the past and the present. So, be intentional about considering seating that is emerald green or plum, all the while, giving you warm vibes from your childhood experience.

Most importantly, enjoy your seating.

Often times, we reserve our best everything for special occasions. We purchase an expensive sectional and idolize the design by putting it on display. Its detailed construction allots the endurance necessary to sustain the needs of your family or patrons for years, but even still, it remains untouchable. In these situations, both maintenance and boundaries are needed to preserve the seating; however, it should not be prioritized above the experience of the people. So, Take a Seat!


Annick Tyler is a resident of South Carolina, USA.